Ludumdare 25: You're the villain

Written by rex on 17/12/2012 21:45:22

So I participated in the latest ludum dare competition, a competition to create a game in 48 hours from scratch. The theme this time was: You're the villain.

The deathray Control rooom

My concept was created in half an hour in which I was reminded about all those bad guys always trying to destroy the Earth but always lose the game and end up in jail or something. Not this time, this time you're the villain and a game without winning is not fun. So, this time you, the villain, will blow up the Earth starting with the two cities on your TODO list.

Obviously the heroes try to interrupt your evil plans but you found a way to lock them in the dockingbay where they try to cut the door. This gives you the time to go destroying the Earth. Sadly your station is not fit for such powerful ray and it starts to collapse.

Command your drones to repair the station as you try to blast Earth back to the medieval.

The deathray

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